Our Service We check hotel room availability and place reservations on your behalf for a small administration fee. We pre-check hotels to make sure they meet our required access standards. Hotel Accessibility Standards Many hotels display the universal wheelchair accessible sign or highlight wheelchair access on publicity, websites and brochures. Sadly, as many wheelchair users will attest to, a number of hotels do not in reality offer access as required by wheelchair users. Lifts may not be suitable for all types of manual and power wheelchairs, showers described as flat, level or roll-in may have a ‘lip’ preventing 100% access and no shower chair provision. Wardrobes often require the use of a ‘pole’ to hang clothes at a height suitable for a non-disabled person but not for someone seated. The list of potential issues is extensive therefore to ensure the well being of disabled guests we personally visit all the facilities that a hotel offers to ensure that accommodation offered meets our high standards. HOTELS We offer a reservation service for hotels rated 4 Star 5 Star also available are wheelchair accessible HOSTELS and ALBERGUES with private wheelchair accessible rooms and roll-in showers Title header, Wheelchair Accessible Hotels Barcelona Banner only Text box, Accommodation Standards Accommodation Standards  Roll-in showers are standard in the Barcelona hotels that we make reservations with. Double bed rooms are mainly offered as a standard reservation option Follow this link to make enquiries about any of our services Follow this link to make hotel reservation enquiries. Follow this link to our Facebook Page Many roll-in showers have fixed shower seats, mobile shower chairs can be hired Hotel rooms are spacious Some Barcelona hotels have an option for twin bedded wheelchair accessible rooms Quality furnishings are a feature of the hotels in which we make reservations for you All accommodation that we offer in Barcelona have as standard - ROLL - IN SHOWERS - SHOWER CHAIRS