If an activity involves Accessible Travel or Services where Disabled and Handicapped persons can participate then Accessible Services offer an extensive range of assistance, services and information to support and improve business and travel provision to this developing market. With over 300 million registered disabled adults generating in excess of USD166 billion in the UK and USA combined it is in the interests of all Companies to address access issues. Hotel, Museum, Tourist Attraction Access Audits Many hotels display the universal wheelchair accessible sign or highlight wheelchair access on publicity, websites and brochures. Sadly as many wheelchair users will attest to a number of hotels do not in reality offer access as required by wheelchair users. Lifts may not be suitable for all types of manual and power wheelchairs, showers described as flat, level or roll-in may have a ‘lip’ preventing 100% access and no shower chair provision. Wardrobes often require the use of a ‘pole’ to hang clothes at a height suitable for a non-disabled person but not for someone seated. The list of potential issues is extensive therefore to ensure the well being of disabled guests an audit of facilities permits an establishment to proudly highlight on all forms of media that it meets accessible criteria in key areas required for wheelchair access. Similar issues affect Musuems and Tourist Attractions where access may be difficult due to the historical nature of a site. Adaptations can be made to many sites that do not affect structures or are to the detriment of the attraction. Many historical sites and musuems have found innovatory methods for the disabled to tour without disturbing the fabric of a site and have seen revenues rise as a result. We offer audit services with site visits and an information service providing advice on how to approach and improve services and access. Contact us for more details. Seminars A key element in improving standards of services to disabled and handicapped clients is for travel professionals to attend seminars provided by accessible travel specialists such as Accessible Services at conferences, trade shows and Professional Institute programs. Principal Seminars Provided - World Travel Market - IAPCO World Congress, Paris Contact us today to learn more about seminars we can provide. Accessible Services is the largest provider of services to incoming disabled clients in Spain. Companies who have consulted with us previously include.......... VATICAN MUSEUMS LATIN AMERICA COLLECTION NATURALLY AFRICA Travel agencies and organisations not necessarily related to travel Wheelchair and scooter users are rarely to be seen at the worlds leading M.I.C.E. events for a variety of reasons, many of which mirror the general travel problems facing the disabled person. Conference and Exhibition organisors frequently offer hotel and transfer services to delegates however these tend to be for the majority ie able- bodied, not the disabled business person requiring special services such as accessible vehicles for airport transfers, daily transfers to and from an event and hotel rooms suitably equipped for the disabled. In Barcelona we provide an all inclusive B2B service covering transfers, hotel reservations, equipment hire etc. Your business clients should no longer have reason to not attend your M.I.C.E. event. M.I.C.E. services Alan is a passionate advocate for improving leisure and travel services for the disabled, elderly and others requiring improved access - families with young children, slow walkers using aids such as walking sticks etc. Alan is a registered disabled person with Multiple Sclerosis. Alan Broadbent  Alan Broadbent pictured during his World Travel Market Seminar WTM delegates listen closely to information being provided by Alan Broadbent