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Created by Alan Broadbent, disabled with MS, Disabled Accessible Travel commenced its existence with the aim of creating a barrier free series of tours in Barcelona suitable for slow walkers and wheelchair users. Growing slowly from that base the company offers today a variety of services through a network of suppliers on a global scale.


Disabled Accessible Travel offers a wide range of services including airport transfers, cruise port transfers, adaptive equipment rentals, tours, shore excursions. Services are available worldwide.


Leisure & Travel Services to the disabled are offered globally with a core offering of adapted airport transfers. We save travel professionals time and money by providing accessible travel solutions for their disabled clients. We offer a high level of expertise in a market where clients require specialists who understand their individual disabilities and needs. Our business model is to provide travel professionals with resources from our existing supplier database that meet the needs of their disabled clients, saving those professionals both time and money as they no longer have to research for, and negotiate with, suppliers for themselves. Where a supplier service is not listed on our database we use our time and resources to locate and contract a service at no extra cost to a client. The core business of Disabled Accessible Travel lies in the provision of accessible airport transfers in Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canaries; and the provision of accessible shore excursions in Portugal, Madeira, Spain, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta. Worldwide services include, in addition to those previously mentioned, the hire of specialist equipment such as wheelchairs, powerchairs, shower chairs; training resources for travel agents.


Events - (MICE) Disabled Accessible Travel works closely with PCOs, DMCs in providing support services for Hosted Buyers and delegates attending Events. Disabled Accessible Travel has been the preferred provider of adapted services to IBTM (formerly EIBTM) from 2011 to the present day. 4 YFN as part of the World Mobile Congress contracted Disabled Accessible Travel to audit the Event venue and to provide on-site access services in 2016 with a repeat contract for 2017. Other services include hotel wheelchair accessibility audits; supply of conference speakers; and bespoke services


Disabled Accessible Travel is neither travel agent, tour operator, nor wholesaler, we are an intermediary specialist service satisfying the needs of travel professionals requiring accessible travel products and services for their clients. We negotiate preferential pricing agreements with suppliers worldwide in order to provide travel professionals with the opportunity to a) add on mark- ups to the prices we offer (removing the need to work on fixed commission rates) and b) to sell services at prices that reflect local market conditions.


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